Android’s Fraud Problem and the Hacker Who Did It

Some hackers are commissioned, and some do it to make a point. That is what happened with Google's Play Store. Forbes reported, a Russian hacker by the name of Maza-In decided that he was going to prove that there were many flaws in Google Play’s security. He created a Ztorg Trojan that would steal Google’s user bank information. Maza-In created a detailed guide to break through the security system and posted it on a popular hacker’s forum which was then modified by others to cause this mayhem. When the user downloaded the specific apps from Google Play’s App Store, a virus would take over their phone. This virus would send premium SMS messages that would slowly charge the user’s bank account and users were blind to these messages because their phone would automatically delete them as soon as they were sent. When caught, Maza-In said he only wanted to draw attention to the flaws in Google’s system. The apps were quickly reported and removed from the Play store. However, it is not that easy to remove the malware from your device and a malware scanner will be needed to remove the virus.

For more information, check out the full articles from Forbes and ZDNet.

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