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Tech-Security Conference 2014

Houston Tech-Security Conference

Date: Thursday, February 27, 2014

Hilton Houston Post Oak
2001 Post Oak Blvd.
Houston, TX 77056
p: 713.961.9300

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The Houston Tech-Security Conference features 25-30 vendor exhibits and several industry experts discussing current tech-security issues such as email security, VoIP, LAN security, wireless security, USB drives security & more. There will be lots of give a ways and prizes such as iPods, $25, $50 and $100 gift cards, as well as cash prizes and lots more! This unique conference format will provide educational speaker sessions as well as tremendous networking opportunities. You'll come away with advice and knowledge you can start applying to your environment immediately. To register for this conference, click on the link in the left column. Your registration will include your breakfast, lunch, conference materials and entrance into the conference sessions and exhibit area. Scroll down to view the full conference agenda.

For information on participating as a vendor: sales@dataconnectors.com


This Conference Qualifies For
CPE Credits.

8:15am-8:45am Check-In and Opening Introductions
Data Connectors Data Connectors is proud to host the Tech-Security Strategies Conference.
8:45am-9:15am Session One


Tim McCreight CISSP, CPP, CISA

A Day In the Life of a CISO (Or How I Learned To Stop Worrying and Embrace the Stress)

The typical day (though few can be called “typical”) of a CISO should be spent collecting accurate, actionable intelligence on the multiple risks threatening their security network. But these days, dwindling budgets, lack of personnel, and overly complex devices are making it more difficult than ever for security executives to effectively protect their companies.

In this session, Tim McCreight, a former government CISO, will describe the challenges he faced, how he learned to overcome them — and how you can do it too. His presentation will include:

  • Building an effective security network, even without the budget and staff you wanted.
  • Knowing what you don’t know about security threats (and why you need to know it).
  • Gaining access to network intelligence without the overhead or investment.
  • Compiling accurate and real information you can use in executive discussions.
  • Determining where security risks exist and if they’re actually worth worrying about.
  • How to avoid running your team ragged performing the wrong tasks.

With over 30 years of operational experience in both IT and physical security, Tim brings a wealth of real-world knowledge. He is a sought-after keynote speaker for security conferences across North America, and he is the author of several articles for major industry publications.

>>click here for the presentation

9:15am-9:45am Session Two

Cyber-Ark Software, Ltd.

Mark Rodriguez
Senior System Engineer, TOLA

Who’s “Really” Accessing Your Privileged Accounts?

CyberArk will discuss the anatomy of privileged accounts & how to minimize the risks associated with Advanced Persistent Threats:

  • Who has access to privileged accounts? 
  • Who utilizes privileged accounts? 
  • How privileged accounts are utilized
  • How privileged accounts are exploited.
9:45am-10:15am Break/Vendor Booth Time
10:15am-10:45am Session Three

EVault, Inc.

Matthew Seeley
Senior Sales Engineer

Five Essential Security and Risk Management Questions to Ask Your Cloud Provider

For many CIOs and IT managers, the benefits of moving to the cloud—increased efficiency, reduced cost, and pay-as-you-go subscription —are offset by concerns about security and service quality. While all methods of data storage involve some risk, choosing a provider with strong, comprehensive principles for security, data protection, and disaster recovery can help minimize these risks.

The Five Essential Security and Risk Management Questions to Ask Your Cloud Provider” session will help you determine the essential questions to ask your cloud provider. Asking a few targeted questions now could save you from facing many more hard questions later.

>>click here for the presentation

10:45pm-11:15am Session Four

Utopic Software - Utopic Software, LLC.

Bob Whirley


Most compliance tools simply scan and red-flag, when the true measure of a secure and stable environment is enforcing corrective action in real-time and returning assets to a prescribed ideal state. This next-generation, “self-healing” recovery technology consistently keeps monitored systems in compliance without costly and time-draining manual intervention.

Utopic Software’s cornerstone solution, Persystent Suite, applies an innovative and compliance-forward technology that automatically responds to unauthorized changes to registry, processes, services, files that might put a system at risk.

>>click here for the presentation

11:15am-11:45pm Break/Vendor Booth Time/Lunch
11:45am-12:15pm Session Five

Check Point Software Technologies Ltd.

Chris Becker
Sales Engineer

Kelly Armbruster
Channel Manager


What’s Hiding in Your Network?

12:15pm-12:30pm Break/Vendor Booth Time
12:30pm-1:00pm Session Six

Aruba Networks, Inc.

Mark Enright

Managing Access Policies for Mobile Users

Secure network access has never been more challenging.  First, the number of devices per person today makes it impossible to know who connects and with what device. Is it an employee or a guest? IT-managed device or BYOD?  The next challenge is to securely onboard and differentiate access by user role and/or device type.  This session outlines how dynamic role-based policy management for mobility and BYOD provides greater visibility, network security and IT workflow control.

1:00pm-1:30pm Session Seven

Sims Recycling Ltd.

Michael Espada
Business Development Manager

Data Destruction and the Impact on Recycling

The key to ensuring secure data destruction is utilizing a certified recycler that will protect and securely handle your retired electronic equipment.   Methods of vetting service providers, asset management and secure data destruction are explained while minimizing your carbon footprint and determining the value of your retired assets.

  • Discover the benefits of using a certified recycler
  • Learn about certifications, asset management and secure data destruction methods
  • Understand the return value of your assets

>>click here for the presentation

1:30pm-1:45pm Break/Vendor Booth Time
1:45pm-2:30pm Session Eight

WatchGuard Technologies, Inc.

Dan Geisler

Dealing with Big Data

Big data is a popular term used to describe the exponential growth and availability of data, both structured and unstructured.  “Storage is cheap, so log everything!”  But sorting through the noise to find actionable data might not be.  With this presentation WatchGuard will explore some of the challenges related to Big Data and show how better visibility will lead to reduced risk.

2:30pm-3:15pm Session Nine

Blue Coat Systems.

Ty Mellon
Territory Account Manager

Embracing Mobility - Liberate Employees to Work Their Way – and Empower Your Business

The growing use of smartphones and tablets along with Bring Your Own Device (BYOD) initiatives are fundamentally changing the game.  However, 76% of IT leaders see security as a barrier to enabling employees to choose their own devices, technology and applications at will. You have the unique opportunity to empower your organization by helping it embrace the new possibilities of mobility and its promise of collaboration, productivity, and innovation – without compromising on security.

3:15pm-3:30pm Break/Vendor Booth Time
  Prize Drawings for All In Attendance
3:30pm-4:15pm Session Ten

Critical Start, LLC

Ricky Allen
VP of Services

RSA, The Security Division of EMC Corporation

Operationalizing Security

Join us to learn how you can transform your security operations by moving from a reactive, event-based approach to an incident-driven process. Security Operations depend on developing key metrics, efficient event collection, staff development, business driven use cases and presenting results effectively to management.

This session will include examples of security dashboards and metrics for breach handling, CISO reporting and incident management.



>>click here for the presentation

  Prize Drawings for All In Attendance
4:15pm-4:45pm Session Eleven

Trend Micro Incorporated

Tim Mehan
Senior Solutions Engineer

Cloud Computing:  Changing Threats and New Responses

Pervasive always-on computing from smart phones to tablets to cloud-based services has brought increased productivity but also new challenges. Cloud computing also offers benefits as businesses of all sizes embrace the Cloud.  But is your data and intellectual property safe with BYOD and the Cloud?  The bad guys are more subtle than ever. Highly targeted attacks are increasingly in the news.  This so-called cyber-warfare is a real and increasing threat to organizations and government entities.  Join Tom Mehan/ Senior SE at global network security firm Trend Micro for insight into real-world threats and solutions to mitigate risk.  

  Prize Drawings for All In Attendance

Event Sponsors/Exhibitors

A10 Networks, Inc.
Arista Networks, Inc.
Aruba Networks, Inc.
Barracuda Networks, Inc.
BeyondTrust Software, Inc.
Blue Coat Systems.
BrightPlanIT Inc. 
Check Point Software Technologies Ltd.
Critical Start, LLC
Cyber-Ark Software, Ltd.
EVault, Inc.
F5 Networks, Inc.
FireEye, Inc.
Hewlett-Packard Development Company, L.P.
Infoblox Inc.
Innovation Network Technologies Corporation
Information Systems Audit and Control Association (ISACA®) Houston Chapter
ISSA South Texas Chapter - Houston
Kaspersky Lab
LANDesk Software
Meru Networks
NetBoundary Inc.
paloalto Networks
Ping Identity Corporation
Pure Storage, Inc.
Quarri Technologies, Inc.
Resilient IQ
RSA, The Security Division of EMC Corporation
SAINT Corporation
Secure Data Solutions, Inc. 
Sentinel Intrusion Prevention Services
Set Solutions, Inc.
Sims Recycling Ltd.
Solutionary, Inc.
Sophos PLC
Sourcefire, Inc.
Trend Micro Incorporated
Unique Digital Inc.
Utopic Software - Utopic Software, LLC.
Varonis Systems
VASCO Data Security International, Inc.
Vormetric, Inc.
WatchGuard Technologies, Inc.
WinMagic Inc.
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