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Tech-Security Conference 2010

New York Tech-Security Conference

Date: Thursday, Oct. 14, 2010

11 Fulton Street
Atop the Fulton Market Building
At the South Street Seaport, New York City
p: 212.608.7400

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The New York Tech-Security Conference features 25-30 vendor exhibits and several industry experts discussing current tech-security issues such as email security, VoIP, LAN security, wireless security, USB drives security & more. There will be lots of give a ways and prizes such as iPods, $25, $50 and $100 gift cards, as well as cash prizes and lots more! This unique conference format will provide educational speaker sessions as well as tremendous networking opportunities. You'll come away with advice and knowledge you can start applying to your environment immediately. To register for this conference, click on the link in the left column. Your registration will include your breakfast, lunch, conference materials and entrance into the conference sessions and exhibit area. Scroll down to view the full conference agenda.

For information on participating as a vendor: sales@dataconnectors.com

8:15am-8:45am Check-In and Opening Introductions
Data Connectors Data Connectors is proud to host the Tech-Security Strategies Conference.
8:45am-9:30am Session One


Ray Papszycki

Why Identity Based Security Matters

Digital identities are core to electronic transactions and communications. Their importance for enabling services, goods and applications continues to grow, as has the need to secure identities appropriately. Learn about today’s authentication concerns and how layered security can empower the enterprise and consumer.

>>click here for presentation

9:30am-10:00am Break/Vendor Booth Time
10:00am-10:45am Session Two

Solera Networks

Alan Hall, Director of Marketing

Why Network Forensics?: Nothing should escape your view

Active Network Forensics can help you determine the true source and scope of any network event within your organization. Like a security camera at the bank, with a complete picture of all your network activity, you can significantly reduce incident response time and expense and eliminate the exposure to further risk. Capture, index, record, search and replay any of your network traffic. With a complete historical record of every network activity, you simply roll back the clock and see the complete details of any security alert or breach. Nothing escapes your view. Join Solera Networks and learn:

  • How to get the most complete and thorough record of events from a digital crime scene.
  • How to determine the accurate source and scope of any network security event.
  • How to eliminate further risk and reduce exposure.

>>click here for the presentation

10:45am-11:30am Session Three


Dave Butcher

Understanding Managed File Transfer - Insights & Best Practices

As IT departments continually adopt new technologies to improve the performance of their systems, productivity of their end users and relationships with trading partners, they are faced with numerous challenges. One such challenge companies face today is securing and automating large file transfers. Traditional file transfer systems and mediums no longer meet the needs of most organizations or their trading partners, especially when data exposure is a concern. Many organizations have developed in-house solutions that are difficult to manage, lack the ability to track and audit file transfers, and expose the organization to security breaches. A Managed File Transfer (MFT) solution should be secure, easy to manage, and have the flexibility to integrate with existing technologies.

In this presentation, you will:

  • Gain a better understanding of the business challenges and drivers of file transfers.
  • Identify the security concerns around traditional file transfer systems and mediums.
  • Learn best practices to develop security architectures for file transfers.
  • Understand how a MFT solution can meet the needs of your stakeholders
11:30am-12:00pm Break/Vendor Booth Time
12:00pm-12:45pm Session Four (includes lunch)

Top Layer Networks

Mike Paquette, CSO

Is your Network Really Protected? How to Proactively Protect Against Network Threats in 2010 and Beyond

Learn How to Protect Your Enterprise Network and Meet Compliancy Requirements

  • This presentation will discuss real-world network threats facing organizations in 2010 and beyond.
  • You'll learn critical steps to protect against the new generation of threats and help meet compliancy requirements.

Discover How Intrusion Prevention System Technology Can Fill the Gaps

  • Discover how traditional "Perimeter Defense" strategies can leave your network vulnerable to the next generation of threats.
  • Understand how Intrusion Prevention System (IPS) technology has evolved to protect against the newest threats.

See "Cyber Attack and Defense Demo" Showing the Power of IPS

  • Visual demonstration of how a system can be completely compromised while being "protected" by a Firewall.
  • How Top Layer's IPS 5500 can block the attack and subsequent compromise.
12:45pm-1:15pm Break/Vendor Booth Time
1:15pm-2:00pm Session Five


Jim Shaeffer, CEO

10 Simple Rules for Implementing an Encryption Strategy

Organizations are becoming more and more proactive about data security, with data encryption viewed as a core element to their defensive measures.

Encryption of data is being adopted at a rapid rate to comply with industry regulations, protect intellectual property, obtain safe harbor from data breachdisclosure laws, and effectively manage risk. As encryption proliferates, IT professionals are making critical decisions that directly contribute to, or detract from, an organization's ability to effectively manage encryption keys and data security.

Data is an organization's most valuable asset and it must be protected.

Designing and implementing an encryption strategy is not complicated if you understand the needs of your organization and establish the right decision-making criteria for encryption solutions. Simplicity, breadth, manageability and efficiency are the primary requirements security-minded organizations must build into their encryption strategy. A solution that has the least complexity will make the jobs of IT professionals easier, be more cost-effective and time-efficient, while at the same time protecting data and meeting compliance standards.

>>click here for the presentation

2:00pm-2:45pm Session Six

IPSwitch - File Transfer

Frank Kenney, VP of Global Strategy

The Data Breaches You Don’t See Hurt You the Most

Data loss is a growing risk, especially as prosumers bring more and more of their personal technology into the workplace. IT departments not only need to enable person-to-server and system-to-system file interactions, but also must create and enforce consistent policies and processes regarding how information is moved between people inside and outside a company. This session is meant for businesses and consumers at all levels to understand the current managed file transfer (MFT) market and what comes next. This session will also map business requirements through the presentation of real world use cases.

>>click here for the presentation

2:45pm-3:00pm Break/Vendor Booth Time
3:00pm-3:45pm Session Seven

Integralis Inc.

Yinal Ozkan, Principal Architect

DLP Program Management and the Role of Rights Management

According to the Ponemon Institute, companies spend an average of $202 per lost or compromised record of personal data. They go on to estimate that nearly 245 million records have been breached since January 2005. Changes in law and liability are generating more costly and extensive lawsuits around the loss of personal data. The wide distribution of sensitive and valuable data across organizations-- from databases, laptops, mobile computers, thumb drives, backup media, and more— has produced a formidable financial risk. This presentation will cover the latest trends, processes, and technology in data leakage to enterprise rights management and data classification. You will gain an understanding of what it takes to craft a strategy and solutions that address your business risk and security budget.

>>click here for the presentation

3:45pm-4:00pm Prize Drawings for All In Attendance

Event Sponsors/Exhibitors

Solera Networks
Fortinet, Inc.
D-Link Corporation/D-Link Systems, Inc.
A10 Networks, Inc.
TippingPoint Technologies, Inc.
Shavlik Technologies, LLC
Qualys, Inc.
Cyber-Ark Software, Ltd.
Sunbelt Software, Inc.
IPSwitch - File Transfer
Top Layer Networks
Bloxx Inc.
 Network Critical Solutions Limited
BeyondTrust Software, Inc.
BreakingPoint Systems, Inc.
Eos Systems, Inc.
Novell, Inc.
Integralis Inc.
Datacastle Corporation
O2 Security Ltd.
Kaspersky Lab
Protegrity Corporation
Continental Resources
Arcot Systems, Inc.
Celestix Networks, Inc.
St. Bernard Software
Zix Corporation
Gigafin Networks, Inc.
Splunk Inc.
Steelgate Global, LLC
NetVision, Inc.
Wave Systems Corp.
Mykonos Software, Inc.
WatchGuard Technologies, Inc.
Creative Associates
Aprigo, Inc.
KEMP Technologies, Inc.


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