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Oklahoma City (Cybersecurity)

September 7, 2017 @ 8:15 am - 5:15 pm

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The Oklahoma City Tech-Security Conference features 40-60 vendor exhibits and 8-12 educational speaker sessions discussing current tech-security issues such as cloud security, email and social media security, VoIP, LAN security, wireless security, USB drives security & more. Numerous door prizes such as iPads, Kindles, $25, $50 and $100 gift cards and lots more!  You'll come away with advice and knowledge so you can start proactively protecting your environment from the latest security breaches.  Your registration will include your breakfast, lunch, conference materials and entrance into the conference sessions and exhibit area. THIS CONFERENCE QUALIFIES FOR CPE CREDITS.  Scroll down to view the full conference agenda.

For information on participating as a vendor: sales@dataconnectors.com

8:15am - 8:45amCheck-In and Opening Introductions

Data Connectors is proud to host the Tech-Security Strategies Conference.

8:45am - 9:15amSession One

Ted Gruenloh

Threat Intelligence and Layered Security in the WannaCry Era

The term ‘Threat Intelligence’ is getting a lot of buzz these days, but what does it mean? And, more importantly, how can it help protect your network? In this presentation, we answer these questions within the context of a layered security approach that integrates Threat Intelligence with existing security methodologies. We also use real-world examples to examine how Threat Intelligence improves a network’s defenses at the perimeter and allows administrators to gain more visibility on the inside.

9:15am - 9:45amSession Two

Chris Yates
Senior Security Architect

Build Or Buy? Making a Smart SOC Investment  

With increased security breaches and publicity, security budgets are increasing to mitigate risk of downtime and embarrassment of being the next televised incident. Spend is often hastily delegated by selecting a product, moving to implementation, and buying another before operationalizing the first. Unfortunately, the same personnel doing the implementation is also supposed to be monitoring the alerts, plus performing triage and remediation. As organizations look to remedy this problem, they are taking one of two approaches: build a Security Operations Center, or outsource to a Security Operations Center. In this talk, we will cover common spend scenarios taken to implement a security program, as well as advantages, disadvantages and other key considerations associated with each of the two approaches.

Speaker’s Bio:

Chris Yates is a Senior Security Architect working for Critical Start in Oklahoma City, OK. He has 25 years of experience in IT, and 10 in Information Security. He worked for 14 years in the public sector (Department of Defense), and has worked in the private sector in transportation, electric utility, and healthcare industries. He has spoken on security architecture, the security impacts of converged infrastructure, and on next generation security tools at several local and national security conferences. He also teaches networking and network security at Southern Nazarene as an adjunct professor.

9:45am - 10:15amBreak / Vendor Booth Time
10:15am - 10:45amSession Three

Arnie Rice
TOLA Enterprise Sales Engineer

Today’s Threats: Ransomware and Phishing

Going to be covering the following four topics.

  1. Today’s Threat Landscape
  2. Ransomware
  3. Phish Threat
  4. Intercept X
10:45am - 11:15amSession Four

Mike Sorenson &
Matt Therkelson

Securing the Digital Workplace

Cyber Threats are only increasing.  Attackers are shifting their tactics as we shift our security strategies.  Join us for a discussion about the every changing threat landscape and how you can more effectively protect your company from these threats.  In this session we will talk about how cyber threats have increased in 2016, where attackers are shifting to, and what industry experts are recommending to address these shifts.

11:15am - 11:45amBreak / Vendor Booth Time / Lunch
11:45am - 12:15pmSession Five

Andrew Cotton
Account Executive

Explaining Bitcoins will be the easy part:  Email Borne Attacks and How You Can Defend Against Them

If you rely heavily on your users to defend your organization from email-borne attacks, you probably already have felt the impact of spear-phishing, ransomware, impersonation, and other cybercrimes.  If you showcase your senior employees on your website, accept resumes online, pay your vendors by wire transfer, or have employees with Linkedin accounts, you almost certainly are on the radar of cybercriminals.

In this session, you’ll learn:

•How your email can be used as an entry point for multiple types of attack
•The damaging impact attacks have on organizations
•Why your employees could be the weakest link in your email security
•How to enhance your email security and thus your overall cyber resilience

Download the Presentation

12:15pm - 12:30pmBreak / Vendor Booth Time
12:30pm - 1:00pmSession Six

Ted Lee
Sr. Systems Engineer

The Game Has Changed…Ready or Not

Cybersecurity is constantly evolving to keep up with unmanaged and non-traditional devices as they continue to expand the attack surface of enterprise networks. In this presentation, Mr. Lee will describe five major trends that are changing the threat landscape in 2017 and recap Frost and Sullivan survey results regarding IT staff perceptions about their level of preparation, security tool effectiveness and ability to automate security controls. Key topics will include how to discover, classify and assess networked devices; applying network controls; and implementing the latest integration technologies to orchestrate information sharing and automate workflows among third-party security tools.

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1:00pm - 1:45pmSession Seven

Eric Meadow
Cloud Security Sales Manager – South Region

Safe Journey to the Cloud

Companies are looking to modernize existing business applications to improve agility, performance, and sometimes recognize cost savings by moving workloads to the cloud. Experience shows that security is often neglected or viewed as an inhibitor as customers struggle with loss of control, consistency and compliance. In this presentation Eric Meadows, a Cloud Security Champion from Check Point, will provide insight into cloud adoption, provide four simple steps every company should be taking to secure “any” cloud and share the four shared characteristics he sees in successful cloud deployments with customers.

1:45pm - 2:00pmBreak / Vendor Booth Time
2:00pm - 2:30pmSession Eight

Kevin Peters
Director of Security and Network Transformation

Holy Jurassic Security: Top 10 Signs Your Network & Security Architecture Might Be Nearing Extinction!

If you are totally happy with what you have built (said no real engineer ever), then this session is for your replacement. But if you are always looking to build the best network and security out there, then this session may very well change your life…or at least give you a leg up in your personal performance plan for the next year or two.

Download the Presentation

Speaker’s Bio: 

Kevin Peterson is the director of security and network transformation at Zscaler, where he primarily works with the largest cloud security deployments to ensure that the desired business objectives are achieved. He brings with him the advantage of having lead the security efforts for one of McKesson’s (Fortune 10) major business units (75 software products, managed services…), as well as the company-wide cloud security strategy, ranging from A to Z (Azure to Zscaler!). As a top practitioner and trusted advisor on both enterprise and cloud security topics, his goal is helping everyone achieve the most effective security with the lowest cost to the business. He is also a featured speaker on the Security Influencers Podcast (available on iTunes), co-author of one information security book, and patent holder on security technologies. And, of course, maintains a presence in the metro Atlanta information security community.

2:30pm - 3:00pmSession Nine

Scott Mooney
Sales Engineer

Keeping the Enterprise Always On with IT Resilience

Your organization is always running and can’t afford downtime during a disaster or the traditional time it takes to recover from one. Backup solutions don’t solve these problems as they are not true disaster recovery for the business. What types of disasters will impact the business? Learn about disaster recovery scenarios, and also the questions to ask and answer when planning your disaster recovery solution to drive true IT resilience. Learn about which decisions impact the business in which ways, and how to avoid making sacrifices for your always-on organization.

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3:00pm - 3:15pmBreak / Vendor Booth Time
3:15pm - 3:45pmSession Ten

Rob Pollock
Central Region Channel Sales

The Impact of DDoS Attacks – The Stakes Have Changed – Are You Prepared??

Distributed Denial of Service (DDoS) attacks attempt to make an online service unavailable by overwhelming it with traffic from multiple sources. They target a wide variety of important resources, from consumer-facing financial and news websites, to internally-oriented employee intranet links, and present a major challenge in today’s cloud-based world to making sure people can access important information and mission-critical applications. Arbor will discuss the misconceptions & facts about Modern day DDoS attacks and the Advance Threat landscape and how they can help customers mitigate their risk.  From the Mirai Botnet to the recent Wannacry ransomware attack, see how DDoS attacks are being used as a “smokescreen” for other nefarious activities.

3:45pm - 4:15pmSession Eleven

Rob Nahorski
Regional Sales Director

Marcus Weers
Solution Engineer

A Cybersecurity Warranty Overview 

Current Trends with Cybersecurity Insurance and the need for software companies to provide warranties on their products to offset or compliment the cost of insurance to companies.

Speaker’s Bios:

Rob Nahorski, Regional Sales Director

With greater than 15 years of experience in Cyber Security start-ups, Rob has helped bring disruptive technology to the forefront of the marketplace.  Leveraging a wide range of knowledge of advanced attacks, attribution, and threat intelligence to assist customers in fighting back against adversaries, and minimizing the cost of advanced attacks and/or breaches.

Rob has an MBA from Webster University in St. Louis ,MO, and is actively involved in ISSA and InfraGuard chapters throughout he Midwest.

Marcus Weers, Solution Engineer

Marcus has over 20 years of experience in the Cyber Security and Information Technology field. As the South Central Solution Engineer for SentinelOne, he leverages his years of experience in Security Management, Cyber Security Operations, Security Architecture, and Cyber Security Strategy to continually improve and deliver value for SentinelOne customers. Marcus’ wide depth of knowledge from endpoint, server, and network infrastructure across every business vertical provides a unique perspective to assist others in strengthening their security posture.

Prize Drawings for All in Attendance
4:15pm - 4:45pmSessionn Twelve

Brad Bleeck

A Massive Rethink of Security

Last year, over $80 billion was spent on cyber security (Gartner), yet 2/3rds of organizations were still breached (Forrester). The reason? 81% of data breaches involved weak, default or stolen passwords (Verizon).

Join us to learn why current threats and today’s hybrid IT environment require changes to old security models and how Identity Services defends your organization against the most common cyberattacks.

We’ll examine:

  • The current (broken) state of security and the role identity plays in cyber attacks
  • The massive rethink underway that redefines security to follow identity
  • How identity services reduce the risk of breaches by over 50%
  • How <partner> and Centrify uniquely help reduce risk through the power of identity services

Download the Presentation

Prize Drawings for All in Attendance
4:45pm - 5:15pmSession Thirteen


Brian Westnedge
Channels Director, Email Fraud Defense from Proofpoint


How to Fight the Next Generation of Targeted BEC Attacks 

Highly targeted, low volume spear phishing – or business email compromise (BEC) – attacks that impersonate executives and business partners to trick employees are the biggest cyber threat organizations face today.  This is not news. But what may come as a surprise is that the vast majority of BEC attacks are preventable.  According to Gartner, Secure Email Gateways are struggling to address social engineering attacks with no payload, but things are changing.  New email authentication technology can now surpass people and process initiatives to proactively protect email channels, while also removing the guesswork for users.

Join Proofpoint and Norlem as we dive into tactics to help you:
·        Eliminate the impact of email fraud
·        Gain granular visibility across your email ecosystem
·        Implement email authentication with confidence
·        Gain control with DMARC policy enforcement

Speaker’s Bio:

Brian leads channels for Email Fraud Defense (EFD), Proofpoint’s newest and fastest growing product that protects the enterprise, partners, and customers from spoofing attacks.  He has 15 years of experience in email security and authentication and can be found on Twitter @bwestnedge commenting on email, security and other topics.

Prize Drawings for All in Attendance