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July 28, 2016 @ 8:15 am - 5:15 pm

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July 28, 2016
8:15 am - 5:15 pm


The Dallas Tech-Security Conference features 40-60 vendor exhibits and 8-12 educational speaker sessions discussing current tech-security issues such as cloud security, email and social media security, VoIP, LAN security, wireless security, USB drives security & more. Numerous door prizes such as iPads, Kindles, $25, $50 and $100 gift cards and lots more!  You'll come away with advice and knowledge so you can start proactively protecting your environment from the latest security breaches.  Your registration will include your breakfast, lunch, conference materials and entrance into the conference sessions and exhibit area. THIS CONFERENCE QUALIFIES FOR CPE CREDITS.  Scroll down to view the full conference agenda.

For information on participating as a vendor: sales@dataconnectors.com

8:15am - 8:45amCheck-In and Opening Introductions

Data Connectors is proud to host the Tech-Security Strategies Conference.

8:45am - 9:15am Session One

Ted Gruenloh
Director of Operations

Network Security is a Team Sport

Now more than ever, protecting your network takes teamwork. So, who are the players? There are more than you think: It’s not just you and your staff. Your users and vendors are obviously on the team, but it goes a lot deeper than that, too. Through a handful of quick case studies, we’ll pull back the curtain on shared threat intelligence, open source software, outsourcing, and even social media to see how an emphasis on working together can help combat common issues like ransomware and malware.

9:15am - 9:45amSession Two


Jennifer Cheng
Director of Product Marketing


Ransomware and Business Email Compromise: People Make the Best Exploits

Digital disruption is creating new opportunities – but also new and creative threats. The threat landscape will continually change but one fact remains the same: attacks always target people, because people are the weakest link in the cyber kill chain. People today are using email, social media, and mobile applications to communicate and do work. Do you have the visibility you need to understand how these tools are putting your organization at risk? Join us to learn about the evolution of targeted and advanced threats, including ransomware and business email compromise.

9:45am - 10:15amBreak/Vendor Booth Time
10:15am - 10:45amSession Three

Israel Orais
Sales Manager

Network Visibility And Security In The Era Of Mobility & Advanced Threats

Hack attacks – and in particular Advanced Persistent Threats (APTs) – are on the rise, eroding reputations and looting organizational assets with disturbing regularity.  With mobility the new norm and mobile security in its relative infancy, are BYOD enterprises inviting APT attacks?  Mobile devices potentially open the organizational network to a new set of security risks that challenge IT professionals to plan strategically.  This session examines effective new approaches to redefine network perimeter, gain real time network visibility into who and what is on it, and control access automatically.  Importantly, the session offers strategies for preventing and controlling APTs and other infections.

10:45am - 11:15amSession Four

Llewellyn Derry
Senior Vice President

Relevant Impact: Why Threat Risk Assessments

During this presentation, Patrick Hayes will discuss the business value of performing threat risk assessments. He will illustrate the differences between a business-based versus an asset-based threat risk assessment. The participants will leave with an understanding of the benefits created from contrasting and correlating threat, vulnerability and risk data and the value this brings to prioritizing investment in your security program.

11:15am - 11:45amBreak/Vendor Booth Time/Lunch
11:45am - 12:15pmSession Five

Rob Davis


Planning for Failure

Review of how breakdowns in people, process, and tools require a different mindset for a successful security program – planning for failure.

12:15pm - 12:30pmBreak/Vendor Booth Time
12:30pm - 1:00pmSession Six

Jon Scott
Territory Account Manager

Wi-Fi Security Assessment: 5 Steps to Securing Evolving BYOD & IoT Challenges

Whether it’s Bring Your Own Device (BYOD), Internet of Things (IoT) or education 1:1 initiatives, it is clear there are a lot more devices showing up on your Wi-Fi network. This poses significant risk to organizations and  IT departments that are forced to straddle the line between simplified access and managing the onslaught of potential security threats. Wi-Fi security attacks, hacking, stolen mobile devices – are these things keeping you awake at night? You may be surprised that Wi-Fi networks can be at least on par, if not more secure than your wired networks! Join this session to learn about the wireless security capabilities available to you and some best practice security checklist to evaluating your Wi-Fi infrastructure.

1:00pm - 1:45pmSession Seven

Bryan Doerr

A New Way to Look at IT Security with Endpoint Modeling

Endpoint compromise has been a consistent theme in nearly every modern security breach. This discussion makes the case for a new approach to IT security yielding compelling critical defense measures and visibility into endpoints and the network. With great accuracy, endpoint modeling discovers and tracks the role of each device in a way that emits actionable security intelligence when roles change in notable ways. Join us as we introduce endpoint modeling, discuss why this is feasible and necessary for enterprises today, and how this solution is being used successfully in organizations large and small, in traditional networks and cloud environments including AWS VPCs, Azure and others.

1:45pm - 2:00pmBreak/Vendor Booth Time
2:00pm - 2:30pmSession Eight

Ted Lee
System Engineer

The Game has Changed…Ready or Not

Cybersecurity is constantly evolving to keep up with unmanaged and non-traditional devices as they continue to expand the attack surface of enterprise networks. In this presentation, Mr. Lee will describe five major trends that are changing the threat landscape in 2016 and recap Frost and Sullivan survey results regarding IT staff perceptions about their level of preparation, security tool effectiveness and ability to automate security controls. Key topics will include how to discover, classify and assess networked devices; applying network controls; and implementing the latest integration technologies to orchestrate information sharing and automate workflows among third-party security tools.

 will describe five major trends that are changing the threat landscape in 2016 and recap Frost and Sullivan survey results regarding IT staff perceptions about their level of preparation, security tool effectiveness and ability to automate security controls. Key topics will include how to discover, classify and assess networked devices; applying network controls; and implementing the latest integration technologies to orchestrate information sharing and automate workflows among third-party security tools.

2:30pm - 3:00pmSession Nine

Jeff Stepanik
Regional Sales Director

Reclaim Control of Mobile and Distributed Data

Enterprises today are struggling with dynamic data growth, the proliferation of mobile devices and cloud data sources. Loss of visibility and control introduces new threats to data, forcing IT teams to rethink how best to manage business continuity and information governance in a mobile and cloud world. Organizations that can get a few steps ahead in identifying and remediating potential data risks before they become critical business issues will more effectively protect their enterprise from exposure and fines, while minimizing impact to workforce productivity.

Because of these data and work habit changes enterprises struggle to provide effective productivity tools to mobile workers, while at the same time meet corporate governance obligations; tracking sensitive information for HIPAA, PCI and SOX, ensuring employee data privacy, and meeting legal needs.   Join us for this session where we’ll discuss what the increasing data governance burden created by data sprawl means and strategies to address it,  the key challenges of tracking, monitoring and responding to compliance/legal requests for dispersed enterprise data and what actions your organization can take today to get ahead.

Download the Presentation

Speaker Bio:

Jeff Stepanik is a Regional Sales Director at Druva.  He received his education at Kent State University.  For over 18 years, his consultative selling approach has assisted organizations in providing IT solutions focused on backup and recovery, disaster recovery, security archive and governance.  He has assisted organizations designing and deploying multi-million dollar IT solutions down to solution fixes that run a couple thousand dollars.   Jeff has spent his career working for solution providers like Druva, EMC, Spectra Logic, Pillar Data Systems along with a few value added resellers.   In his spare time, Jeff can be found with his two boys, at the gym, on his mountain bike or one of his motorcycles.  For more information, Jeff can be reached at 832-370-3962, jeff.stepanik@druva.com or https://www.linkedin.com/in/jeffstepanik.

3:00pm - 3:15pmBreak/Vendor Booth Time
3:15pm - 3:45pmSession Ten

Mike Dodson


You Have a Blind Spot – Exposing The Misuse of The Foundation of Online Security

Adversaries are outsmarting enterprise security strategies by exploiting the foundation of online security. Cyberthreats are becoming more complex and harder to detect. Intel predicts the next big hacker marketplace to be in the sale of digital certificates that are already selling for more than $1000 each on underground marketplaces. Gartner expects 50% of network attacks to use encrypted SSL/TLS in less than 2 years. 100% of organizations have responded to an attack that misuses keys and certificates in the last two years. And an alarming 54% of them can’t determine friend versus foe. What’s to do? The human immune system has evolved to defend and destroy complex and oftentimes overwhelming attacks. What can we learn from it? How can we create a future that’s more resistant as we use more software, more clouds, more apps, and more connected devices.

Speaker Bio:

Mike Dodson is a Silicon Valley veteran with 25 years experience.  He has founded 5 companies which have collectively created hundreds of jobs, hundreds of millions in annual revenue, and had a positive impact on the world.  His work has helped to bring better security and privacy to enterprise software, consumer products, embedded systems, medical devices, and mobile computing.

He is currently leading the Global Sales Engineering team at Venafi where his team designs solutions to secure and protect keys and certificates for the largest corporations and governments in the world.


3:45pm - 4:15pmSession Eleven

Rob Pollock
North America Channel Sales

Misconceptions and facts about the modern day DDoS attacks and the changing Cyber threat landscape.

Distributed Denial of Service (DDoS) attacks attempt to make an online service unavailable by overwhelming it with traffic from multiple sources. They target a wide variety of important resources, from consumer-facing financial and news websites, to internally-oriented employee intranet links, and present a major challenge in today’s cloud-based world to making sure people can access important information and mission-critical applications. Arbor will discuss the misconceptions & facts about Modern day DDoS attacks and the Advance Threat landscape and how they can help customers mitigate their risk.

Arbor Networks, the security division of NETSCOUT, helps secure the world’s largest enterprise and service provider networks from these DDoS attacks and advanced threats. Its advanced threat solution delivers complete network visibility through a combination of packet capture and NetFlow technology, enabling the rapid detection and mitigation of attack campaigns, malware and malicious insiders.

Download the Presentation

4:15pm - 4:45pmSession Twelve

Danelle Au
VP Strategy

Shall We Play A Hacker?

The biggest problem of the security industry today is that despite $70B in annual cybersecurity spend, we still don’t know how we will be breached. How can we work smarter by understanding our attackers and learning from them? In today’s environment, playing the hacker is the only way to validate your controls and prioritize your risks. In this session, we will present a new framework to think like a hacker and real-world case studies of the breach methods taken from the hacker’s playbook.

Prize Drawings for All in Attendance
4:45pm - 5:15pmSession Thirteen

Hank Johnson
Area Sales Manager

Security 2016:  Sharing regional  client experiences, priorities and next steps

Security professionals share the common objective to assure their organizations have  appropriate levels of security readiness. This session provides a perspective on how regional clients are approaching the task. You will learn about the latest security trends,  and the challenges and priorities being addressed by clients in the South Central US .  Mr. Johnson  will provide an update on the solutions and strategies Check Point Software clients are leveraging to increase  security readiness, optimize IT Security spend  plus  items to consider as you execute your 2016 security readiness plans.

Speaker Bio:

Mr. Johnson is responsible for Check Point Software sales in the South Central US.   He has 25 + years selling mission critical IT  Infrastructure Solutions with the majority of his career focused on helping clients in  the Texas, Oklahoma, Louisiana & Arkansas market.   Prior to joining Check Point in March 2013 he spent 17 years in senior sales roles  with Systems Integrators Forsythe Solutions Group  Avnet Enterprise Solutions and Stonebridge Technologies. 

Prize Drawings for All in Attendance

Radware is unable to speak today, however, you can still stop by their table for more information

TopSpin Security was scheduled to speak today, however, due to a conflict they are unable to attend altogether.  For more information about TopSpin Security, please contact Doron Kolton at marketing@topspinsec.com.